Dreary, cold, and endless
Yes, that’s how this year has begun, with both the winter in Seattle and what has been for my family, a very dark December. I guess that’s how all things begin, in shadows and a long road ahead til one gets to where they’re aiming.

Bypassing all the depressing stuff, I’ll say that I’ve had a cold for four days and just recently joined a gym again, after having been away from gym membership for four months. As a marathoner, you definitely notice being away from the gym. While I have still been doing cardio either outside or on my spin bike at home, I noticed I quickly lost about 5 pounds of muscle less than a month of being away from the gym. So, I’m glad to be back. With the cold this week, I’ve only been doing cardio every other day, and got my first run for the new year in last night after work at the GYM! 5 miles on the treadmill after a series of squats on the rack and plyometrics. It felt really good. The only awkward thing was that the cardio machines at this small gym are all in a circle and so you’re facing other people, which for a runner with good posture who looks out ahead (and not down at the TV screen on the machine), it has the possibility of looking a little weird. Gladly, the machine directly opposite me was vacant, but not the ones to either side. If there was a totally hot girl on the machine opposite I may really have a problem. A problem to look forward to, I guess.

So, first run of the new year was one of my more comfortable runs in recent months, actually, and not just cause it was in a comfortable 70deg instead of 35deg outside. I don’t know why actually. It just felt good and was very consistent throughout. But with Jan now and Dec over, there is much to do in the running department. I am building back to running 5+ days per week and want to get up to 60-80mi/wk by the first week of May, which will be my first race this year: Vancouver.

I’ve ran Vancouver BC three times before and it’s normally an ideal race to run a PR. I remember the last time I was there to run in 2012 I set my marathon PR and had a hard time during the final 5 miles so I’m going to focus on distance training this time to be able to cruise through that section and set a significantly new PR. In 2013, I had paid for the race but had to bow out due to injury. Last year, I was living in Nashville, so I didn’t run it. This year could be a very sweet return to what’s become a new tradition for me – plus it’s only about 2 hours away. That’s a nice bonus.

Here’s to a lot of running and a lot of weights ahead!



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