Rolling into Vancouver

It is almost surreal to me how long it’s been since I’ve ran this full.  And here it is less than a week away.  When I started training year round for marathons in 2008, Vancouver actually was supposed to be my first marathon.  I paid for it.  I trained for it.  And I got injured within a month of the race and had to bail.  (That’s when my destination “next marathon” in Maui that September actually became my first).

I’ve since ran VAN full twice and the half once (having one additional DNS due to injury – two years ago).  Last year I was living in Tennessee during the Spring (and ironically also injured), so (be it that I moved back to WA) this race has become a bit of a staple in my running resume, and toeing that line next Sunday will be a bit like coming home.  

  Last long run, 04-24-15, 13 trail miles in the mountains over Skykomish, WA

The entire buildup cycle is not exactly everything I planned it to be, but all in all, considering the major life events the last six months, I am content with training.  I know I’ve built back some of my aerobic base and simply by God’s grace achieved some really solid long runs in this training cycle.  I also realize that this time will likely not be a PR.  But I have other goals for this race.  And other goals for 2015.  Which mainly includes distance.  That’s why I pushed to do the full in May, to step up to be ready to tackle my first trail full at elevation in August, and my first trail Ultra x3 days also in August.  This year it’s all about the mileage.  

  The studious look for my future in politics. (Yeah, right).

I also get to run this weekend with a solid bro who’s ran the full before and is running the half, Alex.  He’s not only a cool bro, but seems to never get injured on runs whether he’s ready for the distance or not (say, what?).  Plus, the bro is getting married this summer.  Lucky bro.

  After a nice rare run in the sun in Seattle in Spring, a few weeks ago.

Vancouver’s a fun town.  The hosts always know how to put on a good show.  The supplies are plentiful.  Public transit works.  The city is freaking slicked out.  Good food.  Nice weather.  And support along the course is always decent and heavy downtown.  If you’re looking for a solid BQ’er that fits the quintiscential Northwest experience, put this one on the list.

  Catching up on my RW reading.  Check this!  I need to find my runner-bride and then we’ll have to get a little runner. 

 One I’ve known about for a while.  Dude, this one is beastly.  A possible for the list?  Yes!

Stay tuned for the race recap next week.



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