After being athletic in public school it wasn’t until after college that I embraced running. I simply didn’t have interest for the sport until one day something clicked. Since that day in late 2007 I was attached to the sport. The Vancouver BC marathon in May 2008 was to be my first distance race, but I got injured and had to scratch it. So, Maui Marathon, my 2nd scheduled marathon, became my first and it was amazing!

Running marathons is great and grueling, terrific and terrifying, addictive and challenging all at the same time. It so clearly parallels life – hard with its ups and downs, and the ones who embrace it find joy, satisfaction, and passion!

I have been blessed to have ran a myriad of 5ks, Halfs, and Marathons the last eight years. In 2013, I had to be patient with, well, patience, as I had two acute injuries that kept me from most of my 2013 races (except a few including this).  I truly believe training is a constant progression and the best is still yet to come. And I know it’s all possible because of my Savior Jesus Christ! A Californian by birth, I live and run now in the greater Seattle area.

2014 included plantar fascia issue which subsided by the fall, thanks to God.  2015 was a fun running year, focusing on distance, and attempting a big trail distance (Wonderland trail), which didn’t turn out the way I intended (finishing only Day 1 of 3 due to severe dehydration), but I will return to Wonderland to complete the full 93mi distance, Lord willing.  And, while my focus now is both distance and speed, my general plan is to become a more consistent and efficient runner.

Twitter: @brycemark
Insta: @brycemarkferguson

Running fav’s:
Hot, sunny days (so, not in WA then)
Ice baths (yowza!)
Chocolate milk



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  1. Great, “About Me”! Looking forward to following you further and wanted to wish you luck on your training and raising money for your sister!

    On a side note, we have very similar running fav’s. Well, minus running in 80 Degree weather and ice baths (only b/c I have a cold allergy, lol).

  2. Love the ShowHope shirt!!

    Not sure if you’ve already run your track-Ultra (just found your blog :05 ago – figured ‘ABOUT’ was a good place to start), but I will be praying for your sister. Dealing with my own orthopedic ordeal at the moment… the power of prayer is strong!


    • Erika, it’s terrible I didn’t see this til now. (Guess I gotta check my pages more often instead of just posting). Thanks for the encouragement! The race for my sister went well and I’m looking forward to a good year of racing in 2014 as I’m now running mid foot the last month. Best to you! I’ll keep an eye out on your posts as well.

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